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Chris Paoli

Chris  Paoli
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    Living in Steamboat is literally a dream come true. In 2002, life for the Paoli family took a major turn for the better. Chris semi-retired from his career as an Equity Trader, commuting to the New York City financial markets, his wife retired from her career as a teacher and they moved to Steamboat with their three children. Since then, they have never looked back.

    Steamboat is the best community they have ever experienced. The people, schools and recreational opportunities all combine to create a life most people only dream of. Work, schools, kids activities, snowboarding, mountain biking, kayaking, fishing, hunting, etc. all within 2 minutes of home is very unique.

    Since moving to town in 2002 Chris has been investing in and developing property in the local area. From this experience, he found his passion for real estate is much greater than just passively investing. Studying and tracking the products on the market and trends in the market place is a favorite obsession. For buyers, his knowledge of properties on the market significantly decreases the amount of time needed to find the ideal home and for sellers, his understanding of the market allows him to properly position your home to sell in the least amount of time possible, for the highest price.

    As an agent, his goal is to help clients maximize their return in all of their real estate transactions. Whether it’s a luxury single family home or a one bedroom condo, his commitment to all his clients is the same. Help you find the right property and personally manage your transaction to closing.

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    Chris is very professional and courteous and knows the Steamboat market well.

    Chris is very professional
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